"Very thorough, artistic and comprehensive Photography!  We couldn't be
"We interviewed countless other wedding and event photographers in the
Florida and Destin area, then we found Stephen
Jeffrey of Daymaker.  He is a gift in the business - a person who really,
really likes what he does and is very good at it.  He is very flexible and
does what it takes to make the customer happy!  I would recommend him to
anyone and everyone."

"Sure, we could have chosen a ton of other Florida wedding photographers -
we know that.  But there's something about Stephen Jeffrey - he's an artist
with a camera, and when you're in front of him, you're all that matters.  That
feels really good!  I am confident that every Bride will be thrilled with the
product, service and professionalism that makes Stephen Jeffrey of Daymaker
Photography and Design one of the best in the wedding photography

"We would thoroughly recommend Stephen to everyone!  He was so friendly
and fun, we forgot he was working for us!"

"His kind, patient manner with me and my bridesmaids really made the day.  
I've heard stories of other photographers who are very distant,
unapproachable and dry, but Stephen of Daymaker Photography was the
exact opposite of that!  His fun, people-loving demeanor combined with his
creative professionalism really set him apart from the rest.  That's why we
chose Daymaker Photography and Design of Navarre, Florida.  And we lived
out of state, but he didn't even charge to come to our location!  That was the
icing on the cake!